RehabooGame in action. Children with the feet injury/operation use the Rehaboo! for rehabilitation. This makes remote rehabilitation fun, rewarding and measurable.

Polar Sankarit. Polas Heroes was the starting point for the project "Motion is Lotion". Campaign performed in August 2015. (c) Polar Electro


Rehaboo! started at Ultrahack -hackathon, as part of the SLUSH conference in 2015. Existing idea, and a game made for marketing (Polar, video above) was the kick off for the idea - and the Metropolia University team joined the "Happier Hospital" challenge, organised by new Helsinki University Hospital's pediatric hospital, and GE Healthcare. Rehaboo! idea won the health track, the team went to work on the idea at GE Healthcare's Health Innovation Village, and Rehaboo! Ltd was founded in November 2016. First angel investment was done in May 2017, and the TEKES Tempo funded project started during Sumemr 2017. We are currently finalizing the first pilot games, to be launched in 1H/2018

© Veeti Haapsamo


Rehaboo! Game, Physiotherapy Gamified, is a new virtual trainer, especially targeted for remote (home) training.

Rehaboo! Squat makes you move, and gets you back into the game. Your body is the controller, the screen is the game environment. Motion detection camera, such as Microsoft Kinect (known from Xbox [tm] games) measures the moves and causes the action on screen. The main thing is to motivate players to move, do the required exercises, in other words play the game. It is also important to measure the quality of the moves, as well as follow up on the recovery process. Rehaboo! Games are not replacing physiotherapy, but making it more meaningfull and relevant, plus remotely measurable.

Rehaboo! is currently working on the first game, Rehaboo Squat, which is "Handcar Race" ("ResiinaRalli" in Finnish) for children's physical rehabilitation, physiotherapy, as part of the surgery patient path.

The first game concentrates on the feet injuries and post-surgery treatment, and Squat is the main measured movement. As well as balance and other key metrics. Rehaboo! Games are played at hospitals, and at remote environments (for example with Rehaboo-in-a-box home device).

Our next game is codenamed “Walk in a Park” and it is targeted for elderly people, and has also brainactivity games included to fight against Alzheimer and Dementia. Game will be out during 2018. And as we started with gamified methods for shoulder problems, the Archery game will see a rebirth sometime as well. Stay tuned, like & follow our Social Media channels to be the first to know:)

The design driver for the children's game was the Hugo Troll game. :)

Our new Angel Round, as pitched at the Slush 2017-event, is now open.

We are looking for 75.000€ of Angel Investment to take us forward, both towards international pediatric hospital target, and towards the new target audience, the elderly.

We are planning to join VTT and Business Finland joint project (ICory) and thus triple the investment as R&D loan.

Investor pitch deck in SlideShare


Motivation and empowerrment within physiotherapy (remote) exercising are the main design drivers within Rehaboo! -games. As there are many things that can drop the patient’s motivation in exercising, our goal is to make games that adds motivation and brings the impression of empowerment. Paper instructions are history, they are hard to understand, do not motivate for constant exercising and are not measurable. With Rehaboo! the exercising is fun, empowering and measurable. Game is on - Let's get you back into the game


Peter Green 
CEO / Sensei

Jukka Naskali 
Empowerment Chief

Henni Syrjä

Jukka Aho
Business Developer

Katju Lähteenaro 
COO / Squat Coach

Matias Koskinen 
CTO / Tech Lead

Casimir Kuusela 
Game Developer